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Holistic AI Consulting

We are committed to improving the profitability of  SME manufacturing sector

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Transform into an AI Powered SME in 3 Steps

Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology expertise with deep industry understanding. We collaborate closely, analyzing your unique challenges to craft bespoke solutions that drive transformative success.


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Join our Masterclass  to unlock manufacturing profitability with AI Assistants.


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We deploy AI in your organization over the course of three months.

We develop an AI strategy and conduct and outline a 3 month AI deployment pilot to demonstrate its benefits.



Join our AI events and immerse yourself in the vibrant community we're building, where knowledge sharing and collaboration pave the way for transformative advancements.

The distinguished team at Sparsa AI will guide you through this masterclass, providing a concise overview of:

1. Revolutionary emergence of AI Assistants

2. Diverse solution providers, their pricing structures

3. Potential for cost savings and revenue enhancement.

4. How AI Assistants can drive profitability, foster growth, and gain insights into strategies for implementing them effectively.

Manufacturing executives, seize this opportunity to equip yourselves with invaluable insights and strategies at our masterclass. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of AI Assistants, unlocking pathways to enhanced efficiency, profitability, and sustainable growth for your operations. Reserve your seat now and take the first step towards a future of unparalleled success.

Experience a transformative one-day workshop, thoughtfully curated for a group of up to ten individuals, priced at just 299 euros.

Register for ​AI Masterclass

AI Masterclass

Leveraging AI Assistants for Communication, Automation and Optimization  to take Manufacturing to the next level !



  • Single stop solution with AI Assistants that interfaces with all your data sources and software at once !

  • Examples  of how they work 1. Analytics 2. Automation 3. Process Optimization



  • Solutions from Big Tech giants, corporate players, startups and comparison with Sparsa AI Assistants.

  • Product offerings and features comparisons.

  • Application to Use Cases

  • Costs, Benefits and Risk Mitigation.



  • Users directly interact with software such as ERP, Email etc.

  • Expensive to increment your ERP/CRM/MES with new functionalities for querying data, gaining insights and automating tasks.

  • Companies adopt phased solutions often not resulting in significant RoIs for Manufacturing SMEs.



  • Evolution of AI

    • Evolution of GPT1 to GPT 5.

    • Advanced Assistants  in 2024.

    • Demo of Sparsa AI Assistants for Purchasing, Production and Sales.



  • Connecting AI Assistants to your software and data

    • Connection with ERP, CRM, MES, Outlook, Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.

    • Rollout of AI Assistants for:

      • Communication, Automation, Optimization

  • Risks and Mitigation Strategies

    • Data Security and Information Governance

    • Making AI decisions transparent, explainable and accountable.

    • Empowering your workforce AI with AI Assistants.



In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, we understand the unique hurdles small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises face.

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Global Competition

  • SMEs struggle to compete in fast-changing markets.

  • Product differentiation is challenging.

  • Sales rely heavily on price.

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Lack of Profitability

  • SMEs struggle with inconsistent profits.

  • Identifying and addressing value chain bottlenecks is challenging.

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Knowledge Loss

  • Knowledge drain threatens business continuity.

  • Safeguarding institutional knowledge is vital for operational excellence

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Safety and Quality Violations

  • Non-compliance risks tarnishing reputation and trust.

  • SMEs lack rigorous monitoring, leading to quality violations.

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Operational Inefficiencies

  • Inefficient processes hinder productivity, raise costs, hamper growth.

  • Lack of analytics and automation holds significant potential for efficiency gains.

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Rising Labor Costs

  • Rising labor costs squeeze budgets, cut into profits.

  • Efficient labor use key to cost control, maintaining productivity, quality.




Identify Cost Reduction Opportunities

  • Conduct a thorough Cost Analysis

  • Identify Cost Reduction Opportunities

Identify  Automatable Workflows

  • Identify manual tasks suitable for AI automation.

  • Craft how to release labor resources for higher-value activities.

Create Data Integration Plan

  • Strategy to integrate AI-powered platforms.

  • Steps to eliminate data and software silos.

Create  Deployment  Strategy

  • Roadmap to Implement AI-driven monitoring for real-time operational insights.

  • Enable swift intervention for process optimization.

  • Milestones to Improve quality, reduce wastage, enhance efficiency.

Cost Reduction Examples


  • Sourcing from cheaper suppliers and internationally

  • Negotiating with existing suppliers

  • Bulk purchasing

  • Avoid excess inventory with optimally scheduled purchasing and stocking

  • Use alternative materials

  • Optimal inventory and storage management.


  • Optimize  production layouts and work center load balance

  • Optimize production schedules and minimize idle time

  • Reduce set up times and downtime

  • Improved quality control and minimize waste

  • Energy saving measures


  • Optimize customer targeting and marketing campaigns

  • Optimize sales order planning

  • Reduce inefficiencies in sales order processing

  • Reduce discrepancies such as under-performing products​ and missed opportunities

Automatable Workflows

The aim is to pinpoint tasks ripe for AI automation with the potential to yield a 100-fold return on investment, as seen in cases like automating prospect contact, which increased ROI by 50 times, showcasing the substantial gains possible through efficient digital solutions.



In our upcoming three-month pilot program, we're excited to introduce AI technology that will revolutionize the way you interact with your data, allowing for unprecedented communication capabilities and task automation. Rest assured, we'll continue to offer comprehensive support beyond the pilot phase. Embrace the future of AI assistants and kickstart your journey today!

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence

Deployment Roadmap


Eliminate Data Silos with AI

  • Thorough examination of data sources: documents, emails, ERP, CRM systems.

  • Tailored strategy crafting  on how to connect AI Assistants to data sources with an option for microenterprises  to  directly leapfrog to AI assistants

  • Rolling out the Communication Assistant  that provides a single interface to all data sources.


Automating your Workflows

  • Identification of  repetitive tasks that add overhead operational costs.

  • Creating  workflows for automating purchasing, production and sales processes.

  • Rolling out an Automation Assistant  that automates workflows and saves cost.


Optimizing your Manufacturing Process

  • Identification of overhead costs due to deviation from planned time, standard operation procedures and quality standards.

  • Crafting a strategy for closed loop planning and monitoring solution using AI Assistants.

  • Deployment of Optimization Assistants for continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Discover how we can empower your journey to become an AI-powered manufacturing SME


Discover the transformative potential of Sparsa AI for your manufacturing profitability by booking a complimentary discovery call today. Our AI assistants are poised to optimize workflows and drive efficiency in your operations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your business. Schedule your call now to unlock unparalleled productivity and growth.

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