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Thu, Mar 28


Free Virtual Webinar

AI Assistant Primer for Manufacturing SMEs

Experience AI assistants transforming data interaction and automation, cutting costs, boosting revenue, and driving profitability. Join now!

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AI Assistant Primer for Manufacturing SMEs
AI Assistant Primer for Manufacturing SMEs

Time & Location

Mar 28, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Free Virtual Webinar

About the event


Welcome to our exclusive AI Master Class! Explore the transformative journey of AI from its inception to pursuing AGI. Discover industry-leading solution providers, understand the profound impact of AI on profitability, and develop an AI strategy for your company. Introduce Krishna, Founder and CEO of Sparsa AI, who combines academic rigor and industry leadership to drive innovation. Note that this webinar will be conducted in both English and German.

Limitations of Current Solutions:

Discuss the challenges faced by manufacturing companies with current ERP/CRM/MES systems. Analyze the cost implications of integrating new functionalities for data querying, insight generation, and task automation. Examine the outcomes of phased solution implementation, particularly regarding return on investment (ROI) for manufacturing operations.

Introduction of the New Solution:

Present an approach for an all-in-one solution featuring AI assistants that seamlessly interact with all data sources and software simultaneously. Provide two examples demonstrating how AI assistants function: a. Analytics b. Automation

Evolution of AI Assistants Towards AGI:

Trace the evolution of AI assistants from Transformers in 2017 through Chat GPT in 2020 to advanced agents by 2023. Discuss the pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and its potential impact on manufacturing post-2024.

Pricing - Costs and Benefits:

Compare solutions from big-tech giants, enterprise providers, and startups in terms of pricing, features, and benefits. Evaluate product offerings focusing on communication, automation, and optimization. Conduct a price comparison to facilitate decision-making for participants.

Deployment Strategy:

Outline deployment strategies, including communication interfaces with existing IT infrastructure such as ERP, CRM, MES, email, and documents. Discuss the rollout plan for implementing AI assistants in communication, automation, and optimization processes.

Risks and Risk Mitigation Strategies:

Identify potential risks associated with implementing AI in manufacturing, such as data security, information governance, AI hallucinations, inaccuracies, and job displacement. Present risk mitigation strategies to effectively address these risks.


Open the floor for questions and discussions. Summarize key insights from each agenda item. Provide closing remarks, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI assistants in manufacturing and encouraging participants to explore further implementation opportunities.


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    AI Assistant Masterclass: Transforming Manufacturing

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