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Sparsa AI endevours to build an AI Community of Manufacturing

Sparsa AI is located in Munich and was established with the vision of reviving the profitability of the manufacturing sector with AI. 

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Why is a Grassroots Movement by and for SMEs Essential in Embracing AI Assistants for Economic Empowerment?

Sparsa AI is dedicated to creating AI Assistant products for manufacturing SMEs, but we recognize that the challenges are too great for any single startup to tackle alone.


That's why we emphasize the need for a united community. AI and manufacturing are rapidly converging, offering unprecedented opportunities for automation and efficiency.


However, many SMEs are still reliant on traditional software solutions, struggling with global competition and rising costs.


The hesitation to adopt AI Assistants stems from a disjointed ecosystem that limits SMEs' access to solutions.


We urge manufacturing SMEs to embrace AI Assistants, which can break down barriers, streamline operations, and boost profits. It's time to collaborate with the AI ecosystem to drive the development of these transformative tools.

SMEs Unite for AI: Economic Empowerment Ahead


Why is a Grassroots Movement by and for SMEs Essential in Embracing AI Assistants for Economic Empowerment?


Empower SMEs for Growth

  • Recap of challenges: SMEs, the engine of growth, face financing, input costs, knowledge loss, and pricing pressures.

  • SMEs need to innovate for growth but often face financing challenges, creating a chicken-and-egg scenario.


A Cost-Effective Innovation for SMEs

  • Presenting AI Assistants as a cost-effective alternative with high impact.

  • Highlighting the potential for significant ROI compared to traditional solutions.


Strategies for Collaboration and Integration

  • Emphasizing the importance of leveraging SME AI digital networks.

  • Outlining strategies for collaboration with research centers and startups.

  • Providing guidance on training centers to adopt AI Assistants and break data silos.

  • Discussing systematic automation approaches using AI Agents to integrate with existing ecosystems.

Building an AI Community: Empowering SMEs for Collective Innovation


Addressing Adoption Barriers for SMEs

  • SMEs have low adoption rates of digitization and traditional software solutions.

  • Traditional automation solutions incur high upfront and ongoing costs.

  • Adoption of AI solutions is hindered by requirements such as data, cloud, and analytics,


AI Initiatives and SMEs

  • Discussion on the disconnect between AI institutes/startups and SMEs.

  • Exploring challenges in scaling due to cultural differences and limited local networks.

  • Analyzing the reasons behind the low adoption of AI solutions among SMEs.


Proven Technology and Industry Expertise

In depth technical AI expertise meets industry insight & consultancy experience, creating a powerful team adept at crafting tailored and innovative solutions for your AI ambitions.

Founder and CEO, Sparsa AI

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Dr. Krishna Sridhar

With a distinguished career spanning both academia and industry, Krishna spearheads Sparsa AI as its Founder and CEO, leading groundbreaking initiatives in artificial intelligence.


Prior to this role, he demonstrated exceptional leadership as the Founder and CTO of CONXAI Technologies GmbH, securing a substantial 2.7 Million Euros in funding and orchestrating a successful pivot for the company.


His expertise extends to the realm of autonomous driving, having served as the Head of AI Program at Continental GmbH.


Combining entrepreneurial experience, corporate leadership experience together with  ten years of academic rigor in AI, including a PhD and PostDoc specializing in a Darpa Project, Krishna's leadership drives innovation and excellence at Sparsa AI.

Scientific Advisor (Manufacturing Process)


Dr.-Ing. Soner Emec

Dr.-Ing. Soner Emec, a renowned scientist and entrepreneur, blends over 12 years of expertise in AI research with strategic business planning in the field of manufacturing, automation and digitization.

His career, including roles at the Production Technology Center Berlin (Fraunhofer) and as CEO of TreeNODE, focuses on AI infrastructure for SMEs.

He holds a PhD and a Post Doctorate in Human-Centred AI for Automated Quality Control and Process Adjustment in Additive Manufacturing.


Specializing in advanced AI solutions like Neuro-Symbolic Computer Vision and Large Language Models, he co-founded TechSprout GmbH and 1st NODE GmbH, pivotal in developing an AI-driven e-learning platform.


At Sparsa AI, he is a technology and strategy advisor, fostering partnerships and product launches for future growth.

Manufacturing Consultant 


Markus Herold

Markus Herold is a seasoned professional with a background in product development, consulting, and industrial manufacturing. With experience at esteemed companies like Poppe Elastomertechnik GmbH, Abicor Binzel Robotic Systems, and BD Rowa, Markus has honed his expertise in optimizing operations and driving growth.

As a former manager at Capgemini Invent, Markus further refined his strategic acumen. He is now the founder of Manushare, a groundbreaking venture focused on integrating AI-powered supply chain solutions into SME manufacturing.

Driven by a passion for innovation and industry advancement, Markus continues to shape the future of manufacturing with his unique blend of experience, insight, and entrepreneurial spirit.


Exploring the Intersection of Economics, Technology, and Human-Centric AI

Unleashing AI Potential: Insights from Our Blog Series

At Sparsa AI, we are not just creating AI Assistants as a product. While we are witnessing success with our customers, we recognize that a single startup cannot change the complex networked landscape of SME manufacturing. Therefore, we also aspire to be thought leaders and influence key actors in this ecosystem to collaborate. Our blogs serve to outline our thought process.  What motivates us in the first place ? Read on ..

The Interplay of Macroeconomics and AI 3.0  Our foundational Article discusses explores the interplay between economic reality on one hand and AI development on the other. The article proposes that while AI 1.0 (1970 to 2000) and AI 2.0  (2000-2020) have increased the profitability of the commercial and financial sectors significantly. Generative AI 3.0 is poised to boost the manufacturing sectors profits, especially for SMEs.



Revolutionizing SME Profitability: Embracing AI Assistants in Manufacturing goes on to elaborate why AI Assistants have the right capabilities that will enable SMEs to leapfrog from traditional ways of working to becoming highly empowered by AI and why SME leaders should embrace an AI Strategy that incorporates these Assistants into their workflow. 


 Unlocking Growth with AI Assistants: A Case Study Approach for SME Cost Control and Profitability explores how AI Assistants can effectively reduce costs, drive revenue growth, and ultimately enhance profitability. Furthermore, it  delves into specific use cases illustrating how these AI Assistants can rejuvenate profitability, with a particular focus on streamlining procurement processes.

Pioneering Change: Empowering Executives to Integrate Gen AI Agents as they evolve towards AGI 3.0 describes the evolution of AI Assistants, tracing their development from simple chatbots to sophisticated agents and now collaborative coworkers. It underscores the progression toward a cognitive architecture mirroring the intricacies of the human brain.

Humanizing AI: A Journey into Artificial Intelligence Through Cognitive Neuroscience  delves into the cognitive architecture inspired by recent advancements in neuroscience, shedding light on its implications for AI development.

In summary, our series of articles aim to elucidate the transformative potential of generative AI 3.0 and AI Assistants in revitalizing profitability within the manufacturing sector, while also providing insights into the evolving nature of AI technology and its convergence with cognitive science.


Discover how we can empower your journey to become an AI-powered manufacturing SME.


Discover the transformative potential of Sparsa AI for your manufacturing profitability by booking a complimentary discovery call today. Our AI assistants are poised to optimize workflows and drive efficiency in your operations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your business. Schedule your call now to unlock unparalleled productivity and growth.

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